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hardship: how do i apply for a hardship?

how do i apply for a hardship?
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employment, hardship: Not quite sure how this whole deal works here? Do I ask for help if I need it right on

Not quite sure how this whole deal works here? Do I ask for help if I need it right on this post? Well here it goes~
Hello Everyone. I am in financial turmoil @ the moment. My husband of 13 yrs just walked out on me and my son. I live in a very small town so word travels fast and of course the whole town will know in 2 days and be talking I am sure. To make a long story short and sweet. I need asst. I have a huge power bill, last month's and now this month's rent was due, my teeth are falling out of my head, and I am looking for work. I am a Mama to a sweet nine year old boy who loves to skateboard. I live every moment for this guy. He is my everything and my strength when times are tough like now. I am looking for work. I have several certificates of completion for Legal Sec-Medical Office Coordinator. Problem is I live in a wee little farming town with no work. What to do? I would love a virtual assistant job if anyone out here needs a personal asst? I am very computer savvy and smart. i love to work and know I am doing my best for my boy. Right now, I am not doing my best. All I am asking is that if you think you can use me for work or you think you can help me out in some manner, please CONTACT me ASAP!!!! I really want to say much appreciation ahead of time for any and all of you who even take the time to read my pathetic post.
Many Good things to Come Your Way! I believe in Karma. It is the way of the world. If you help me, I KNOW KARMA will come back to greet you as she always does. Thanks Again~
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Friend Narelle  

Please help my friend

I am doing this for a friend that I am financially unable to assist. She is unemployed and lives with her two youngest sons the yougest one has a medical condition. She is behind with her rent and is struggling to survive on the small amount she receives from Centrelink once the double rent payment and medical expenses for her son come out. This fortnight she has been left with a meer $17-00 to survive on. If there is someone that could help her she would really appreciate it and I would be forever greatful.
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Please help me be able to send my daughter to the Ambassador Program she was excepted at....People to People Program......

I'm a single mom going through financial hardship and don't want my daughter to have a better life and education than I did. She's 16 and an Honor Student. She works a job on weekends to support her
car expenses. My heart aches not to be able to afford for her to go..... PLEASE HELP ME

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About erica1986

Hi my name is Erica I'm 23 and I have been taking care of my disabled mother for about a year now. It has been very hard and Im having trouble making ends meet. My moms best friend, her cat named JD has just had a surgery that was needed to save his life. I had to use all my rent money than some. JD despretly needs flea treatment. I took in a foster cat that was going to be put down and i think thats how he got them. Because everything happened at once I'm having trouble dealing with things financially. If anyone could help me with the cost of just one flea treatment that would help so much. They are getting in his wounds and He is wearing a cone collar and can get no relief. If anyone knows of any kind of government grants or churches that help with utilities or rent in the San Diego CA area please please let me know. you can also contact me by email at thank you and gobless  

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About fallingapartquick

I need help!  Not a whole lot but some.  I have had a really horrible two years.  It started with my son who is mentally retarted who had taken ill and required six operations to improve his health.  There were days when his life just fell apart along with mine.  I quit my job to be with him.  The very next year I was given the esteem opportunity to run my families company. With the poort economy it crumbled and fell.  Its a long long story anyway, my previous employer allowed me to return back to the company.  I returned making considerably less than before but I took it as I needed money and bad.

 Well, guess what the states disasterous budget has left me jobless, I'm looking so hard each and every single day.  But, nothing comes my way.  I have sold just about everything I have to live and now I can't pay my electric bill that is due for  shut off in four more days and will not have a phone to receive job leads. 

 Who knows what I can do other than find a ditch and lay down?  I'm pretty motivated and hopeful something will come my way but nothing.  I have a sister close by who has offered to let me live with her if I have too.  My rent is already one month passed due and in two more weeks will be due again.

Can someone provide me with direction?  Please...........Thanks....

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About rndavis

Hello to all,

Thanks for taking the time to read this. It is impossible to deny that these are "critical times, hard to deal with..." and that many are now experiencing, first hand, difficulties like never before.  I have a post office box set up to were any contributions sent there will certainly be put to good use. Helping others survive their hardship is something you can do and it is rewarding to you, as well.

Even a little help is HUGE.  Please give in C/O: R.N.Davis P.O. Box 8056 Aspen, Co 81612


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About meuse2win

I confess, I haven't taken care of my teeth over the years. I have 4 children, which many of you fully know, sap almost every dime of our budget for one thing after another. We didn't have insurance for the kids for many years, however, we were able to keep up with their dental needs for the most part.

    Now I  have a real problem with my dental health. Several of my teeth are broken or have fallen out, to the point where I have real trouble trying to take a bite out of anything, such as a sandwich for example. I have recently acquired dental insurance and had hoped to get full dentures. Unfortunately, even with the insurance, I need almost three thousand more dollars.

  My appearance has been an issue in job interveiws, to the point where it has cost me several decent jobs. I can't seem to get that kind of money together, at all. My work industry has taken a real hit up here in the northeast, and I need to catch a break and find a new job. At age 47, I can't really find enough construction work, and I'm not getting a fair shake at a new job with my appearance. It has been a real hardship on me and my family. I still have two kids at home, ages 15 and 17.

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About tommy44

My name is Tommy, I've been blessed with a 9 year old son whom I love dearly.  I live in Texas and I really need someone to help me with prayer, finances, and a job.  I lost my job in June and my son and I are on the verge of being evicted from the house that we live in now.  I've applied for job after job and no one has called me back in months.  I don't know what to do.  Every utility bill in my house is in disconnect status.  My husband is incarcerated and my sons father refuses to pay child support. I don't recieve any type of government assistance due to the fact that I am disqualified because of a felony conviction that I recieved when I was 17 years old, I am now 30 and I need help.  I don't have any type of income to handle my outstanding bills, buy food, fix my car, or buy my baby toys for christmas. can you please find it in your heart to bless my situation. I am willing to work. I have clerical skills and accounts recivable/payable background. I want to be able to sleep at night, knowing that my son has a roof over his head and will have a swell christmas memory.  the fact that his father, and step-father of 5 years are both incarcerated really hurts my situation more. and  I pray that my son will not be scarred for life from this hardship that i'm facing. please help

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About rob1963

I became unempolyed as of july 31,2009. I support two grand children and a daughter.

I'm behind on my mortgage and need money to become current again. I need help before I lose everything.

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About jammin2070


Never really taken part in this type of posting but I have run out of runway.

 I live in a west suburb of Chicago. I purchased my first home and was excited to say the least. The long story short is Nicor estimated my monthly payments to be $145.00. I paid the $145 on time up untill the extra charges...

 The house was empty for 2 years so the estimate was off. I was hit with a $900.00 bill at the end of January this year. So since the spring my gas has been shut off and I cannot make the payment to Nicor and they said too much time has lapsed. They claim the amount must be paid in full before the service can be activated.  Living with cold water has been rough for both of us. The gas boiler is now almost in need for the cold weather. I don't know what to do. For now we have lots of blankets though!

Best Regards to anyone reading this.

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About Flalady

Is this site for real or just another scam? It would be so cruel if it was just a place where people come for understanding all the while others are laughing behind their backs. However I am going out on faith in the belief it is the real deal and state my story.

 I am a single parent who has always been able to support my children without any help from my ex husband.  I never asked for his help because frankly I never needed it.  My degree is in English and I was able to utilize it in a rewarding career.  Most of my friends say I got lucky, I just think the opportunites that came my way I took complete advantage of it.

 My life began its slow turn when my  daughter went into the hospital for a simple gall bladder operation. The surgeon estimated she would be out of the operating room in several hours followed by a few days of post op.  Imagine all our surprise when during the operation he discovered a rare but deadly form of cancer tucked beneath the gall bladder.  Fortunately he was able to remove it and she is now on the way to a full recovery.

However here is where the contrasts are so glaring.  I am so thrilled and grateful she is on her way to recovery I thank God everyday.  But with her recovery comes all the bills.  Also this is when I found out my insurance was not as good as it was supposed to be. With all the co-pays and other incidental expenses I am so far in the red I need to take the Space Shuttle to get back above ground.

With my daughter out of commission I had to cover her bills. Her car note so it would not be repoessed. She also paid for our basic necessities, electric, water, cable and telephone. In addition her car insurance absolutely had to be covered.  Her job did not have any disability after care so all the expenses fell on me.  All my savings are gone, so is my 401k and my tiny stock portfolio.

Her father finally stepped up but he is having huge financial difficulties himself and no one in either of our families can help.  For the first time in my life I am having such a difficult time sometimes it takes my breath away.  I wonder what did I do to encounter such hardship.  I recently asked my pastor what is the logic in such heartache and of course the ultimate question, why me?  He simply answered why not you?  He explained faith is easy when times are good and we are in nirvana, but the true test of faith comes when we are in a time of crisis.  He simply advised me Let Go, Let God.

I  firmly believe I will come through this much stronger and wiser and  things will work out for the best.  Just stating my case has lifted a huge burden off my shoulders. I firmly believe it takes a village............. And if all else fails, thank you for listening and lending your ear. GOD BLESS




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About mikecpd20 

I am so scared and out of options. We have all been watching the news. Millions of people are loosing their homes. I never thought I would be one of them. A little about what got me here. In short, I needed repairs on my home, and fell victim to Countrywide Home Lending, with an offer to refinance my home for much needed cash. At the time, my furnace was going out and the roof was leaking. I re financed and took out additional cash to make the repairs. Countrywide put me into a sub prime loan at 9.25 percent and promised to refinance after two years of on time payment history. After 2 ½ years, of perfect payment history, Countrywide says the home lost value and refused to refinance. Like an idiot, I got loans to keep up with the very high $3011 per month mortgage. It all caught up with me to where I just do not have enough money coming in to make the payment. I have already missed several months and have been served with a foreclosure notice. Countrywide refused to modify the loan and lower the rate. I am now $29,000 behind. I can’t believe after spending 6 years in the Air Force and currently working with a stable job, I still can’t get help from the bank or even keep up with the mounting bills and mortgage. If I can raise enough to show the bank I can settle the back amount, I might be able to get them to negotiate an affordable interest rate and stay here. If you could please donate at least $1.00 and enough people donate, this might possibly work. I promise to you, after this horrible situation is over, I will pay it forward by helping somebody else in need of the same assistance. Thank you in advance for your help, I hope through the use of this wonderful site, we can all help those in need. I will be happy to report back to this post with a status update and confirm my financial hardship to anyone who can help. My hat is off to the digital I pray this helps. 

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About FindingMe


I am a 25 year old that has been through many things in life. I feel my purpose on earth is to help others, that is why I am currently working as a volunteer for Americorps through Goodwill. "The ultimate happiness lies within self" you have to first find what makes you happy, what makes you want to get up in the morning, what your dreams are, and your ultimate goals.. So you may then use the one thing that never depreciates in value "your mind" to obtain it. I have had many ups and downs in my life with finances, jobs, health, relationships etc... I have now come to realize that we control what happenes to us, our destiny, our outcome in life. All you have to do is first think of what you want and then go for it, it is that simple... The greatest inventors, artist, prophets etc, all had something working for them their mind, their drive, their want and need for something more. I believe in the "Law of Attraction": "If you want something and truely believe it's possible, you'll get it", but putting a lot of attention and thought onto something you don't want means you'll probably get that too. I have experienced this theory many times before. 

4 months ago I was written a bad check from my employer at the time. The check was over $1,000 for two weeks pay. The check of coarse bounced in my bank account and then the employer was not trying to rectify the situation. This was a bad situation for me, because I had to pay rent, car note and other bills and since I was obviously not working for this man anymore I was then unemployed and had an overdrafted account. I tried everything to get this man to give me my money that I worked very hard for, but he decided he wanted to be a jerk. I tried taking him to small claims court, reasoning with him, emailing him, going up to the office to speak with him, calling the department of labor and other divisions, the police, everything!!! I was not about to let this man get over on me and win. It consumed me so much, that all I could focus on was making him pay financially and business wise. For whatever reason none of these things were working in my favor. This went on for four months, and in that time frame I had been kicked out of my apartment, facing reposession of my car, no money coming in, unemployed, hungry, depressed, all of the above. My life literally turned from having everything to having nothing. 

After four months I was so in the hole I did not know what I was going to do, where I was going to stay, how to get back and fourth etc... I then decided to be at peace and focus my attention in other areas of my life and to not think about what this man had done to me. It's funny, because right when I let it go and started focusing on not what I didn't have but on what I needed to do to get back on track... thats when things started to turn around for me. A week before Christmas the employer(man who owes me) calls me at 8am and says "I didn't have the money then but I do now, I want you to have a good christmas and pay your bills, so you will get your money today around 12noon". Hmmm, that was a great wake up call, kind of late since I was way in debt but still refreshing to hear. A day later the tax auditors for my Unemployement Benefits Claim called and told me they were investigating this man and my case so I would receive benefits, which a month before that call I was told I was not going to receive any benefits... With the money I finally got fromt the employer I was able to get out of reposession and pay some other bills. I had found a place to stay, and was able to get back into school. Though my student loan had been in default, I was also able to get out of default without spending a dime and obtained some scholarships to pay for school.

All this being said, you have to put positive energy where needed. If I would have dwelled on what I didn't have, my life spiraling amoungst many other things negative I would have never been able to get my life together. I would have probably been worst off, but because I made a choice to do something about it, positive things began to happen in my life and are still happening.


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About bathsheba

I am a single parent who has been laid off since November of this year. I was an independent contractor and therefore I am not eligible for unemployement benefits. I have been seeking active employement but have not found anything. I have not been able to make last months mortgage payment and this month may be outstanding as well. I take care of a child and an elderly parent and we are on food assistance and I am running out of money and I am scared and very anxious. I cannot eat or sleep and I have never asked anyone for anything in my entire life and this breaks my heart. I basically need what ever donations that someone is willing to make and the understanding that my goal is to pay back each and everyone to the best of my ability as I am able. I want to thank everyone who has read this post from my heart.

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Please help with Christmas

I am in forclosure. I don't have any money for Christmas presents or dinner. Every dime I get goes to the mortgage company and electric company. We have had so many problems with marriage, illness, bills....I can't fathom what else could go wrong. I would be most grateful for anything anyone could offer my children. My oldest is 14 and loves sports and music. my youngest is 12, however he is special needs. he had a stroke and is very small for his age. He loves high school musical and fishing. He was also dx with velo cardio facial syndrome. I don't care whether I get a thing, I just don't want them heartbroke. I had help setting up a paypal account, or you can contact me @ to top it off, my grandfather passed 12/04/08. God rest his soul, he's the lucky one. I give up

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About jujybeeus

I wish i had the $900 down payment so i don't miss this opportunity. I'm living with in-laws and found a home with a land contract option of $900 down $400 per month. i included a photo.its a really nice four bedroom home in hazel park Michigan. we're able to make the monthly payment but unable to come up with the down payment. my husband is trying to take on every odd job he can find to make it but with the economy and time of year its working against us at this point and we will lose this opportunity. my in-laws have been great helping us back on our feet but they're having troubles also and are going to have to down size there living conditions.there are currently 14 people ( they're children and they're grand children ) living in their home. we just recently had to move back to Michigan cause of job loss. we came back we found work but are having trouble trying to save for the down payment with everyday expenses and time is running out and we are going to lose this chance of being able to own our own home. and on top of all this.we received a phone call last week from our son who is living in Florida that he has just been laid off and is needing to come back home due to no place else to go with his family of three. so were in a real bind and could really use a hero at this point.its a frustrating situation to find ourselves in when we have always been able to help others in the past.god bless and have a safe and happy holiday season          |
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About AC1222

I am new to this, and I really don't know where to start, but here it goes. My family is in some serious financial trouble and we are definately in over our heads. Let me start by telling everyone a little about myself and my family. I am 32 years old and come from a wonderful upbringing. My parents were divorced when I was too young to remember, but I had a very stable upbringing. I tried to go to college after high school but could not stay focused. My fiance and I decided to move from AZ to PA, where we had family. His mother was sick and he wanted to be near her. We both were able to get jobs and get all of our debt paid off while we lived with his parents. We moved out out on our own, got married and started to get in too deep. The house we were renting became too much to afford and they did not renew our lease. We moved in with my grandmother and that lasted all of 1 month until we found an apartment. We were heading in the right direction, and then I got pregnant. Our son was born in Oct 2002, and everything was great. Our landlord told us that we would have to move when our son started walking (we lived upstairs from her), so we decided to look into buying a house. We found a house we loved and the mortgage payments were only a little more than our rent, so we did it. We moved in exactly one month before our son turned one. Everything was good for a few months, then we started to get a little behind. We got caught back up and then my husband lost his job. He was making almost 15.00/hr and his unemployment was about half of that. To make matters worse, our car died, and our credit was not in the best condition to buy a new one. We were able to find someone to finance us, but at an astronomical rate. Then I got pregnant again. Our daughter was born in Dec 2006 and things just started snowballing from there. My husband took a job in June 2006, making 10.00/hr and is only making 11.50/hr now. I work as a Medical Assistant at an office that is on the verge of bankrupcy. Our mortgage payments (that are now 786.00 month because they are trying to catch us up) is behind again, and they want money by Friday (10/31) or they are going to start the forclosure process, and to top it all off, our furnance is broke and it is 38 degrees outside and snowing. We are heating our house with space heaters, so that are kids stay warm. I have to decide whether to pay the mortgage payment this week or fix the furnace. Our car also is almost 4 month overdue for inspection and needs breaks terribly. What to fix first???

I am tired of robbing Peter to pay Paul, because Peter has no more money to rob! My family does not have the money to loan me and my husbands dad moved away after his mom passed away 5 years ago. We hardly see him anymore (maybe twice a year) and he has helped us out before, so it is hard to ask again. 

I have contacted assistance agencies with no avail. We make a little too much to qualify!

If any one has any suggestions or can help out in any would definately not go unappreciated. I believe in paying it forward...and I know that someday my troubles will be gone and in their place will be someone else's and hopefully I will be able to lend a hellping hand (or a helping dollar).

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and may god bless your generosity!


paypal address:

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About Diyah

Hi I am 20 years old and I have three kids and have been through my share of ups and downs well Let me start from the begining. Well in 2005 I was pregnant and had miscarrage and thats where every thing went wrong for me. I fell into a deep depression i almost lost my job and evently i dropped out of highschool.Well in year and some change i found out that i was pregnant again but this time I really didnt want any children but I dont believe in abortion. Well the fifth month I find out that i was pregnant with twins a boy and a Girl. So recap 18 years old, pregnant with twins and no Highschool education.Thanks to the grace of God.I got a lot of things donated to me but that still did not stop me from struggling. Evently My Boyfriend left me and witch made it even more harder for me. Getting on public transportation with twins all by yourself is not fun. Well 4 months later Being nieve i had sex with my boyfriend and I got pregnant and this time it was with a little boy.Now a month after having my baby I have gained all kinds of weight so thats making depressed. And getting a job is not easy now with three kids,And not having a job i cant afford buying myself clothes. Even shoes at times I have gained so much weight after having three babies I cant even count on one hand how many pairs of pants or shoes that i can even fit.I know that this is your problem its mine and as a women and a parent i should be able to take care of it but it gets so hard it fells like i am in a ditch and i cant get out. I asking for a little financal help with the needs of me and my children.Thank you for listening to me and my long story.May God bless you and your families. Please email me at

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Champagne Surge  

Damn Can't We Get A Break?

So wejust got the call from the mortgage guy.  We can't even qualify for a mortgage and he says it may be a year before I could come even close.  I just felt like crying.  It seems no matter how hard we try to get ahead we just keep getting knocked back.  It's rather depressing sometimes though.  Just want to get a home and plant roots before anything happens with Kody.  Woke up today in  great mood thinking maybe we will get a little bit of a break but thats not so.  Damn I just want to scream but it's not like thats going to do anything for us.  Trying to find ways to make extra cash and having a hard time finding anything legit.  I'm just tired of it all.  
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